Kicking The States

Gil Drori and Bex Band are going to be the first ever to Kick scoot the length of the USA to raise money for a school in Tanzania!

The challenge

Starting on May 17 we are going to be kick-scooting over 1,500 miles the length of the USA starting in Vancouver, Canada and finishing in Tijuana, Mexico. Our kick scooters are non-mortised and are propelled entirely by muscle power. This has never been done before!

We are carrying all our own gear and each day we will need to work out where to stay that night….either camping, being hosted or a motel. It’ll take us 3 months averaging a tiring 30miles a day. And in case you are wondering…..yes, we will be using both legs!!

We are doing this challenge to raise money for a school in tanazania. Read more about that below.

Bex will be blogging about our journey as we go, check out her latest blog here on You can also follow us on social media:

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We are doing this challenge to raise money to help build a school in Tanzania in a small village at the base of Kilimanjaro. We both visited this school last year and were very saddened to see the hardship that the children were living in. Going to school not only means that the children get a hot meal and play time every day, but getting an education is the best chance they have to change their circumstances.

100% of the money you donate will go directly to the school. The charity that is supporting this build (Africa’s Children in Education) has no overhead costs and we are covering the expenses of the scoot ourselves.

We are aiming to raise $10,000…..and we need your help to reach this goal. Please do show your support!! THANK YOU!!!!

Come meet us

En route we will be delivering inspirational talks about Kicking the States and the life that led us to this big adventure. We’d love to see you there! We will update this list as new talks and details come in so do check back!

8 July – USA, San Fransisco
Mission Cliffs (more details here)

8 July – USA, Silicon Valley
Sunday Assembly (more details here)

27 July – USA, Santa Monica LA 
General Assembly (more details here)

28 July – USA, Hollywood
Hollywood Boulders (more details here)

7 August – USA, San Diego
Mesa Rim Climbing

13 August – USA, Seattle 

General Assembly (more details here)

20 August – Canada, Vancouver

Creative Co-Workers

21 August – Canada, Deep Cove


11 September – UK, Chelmsford

Ellis Brigham

18 September – UK, London

Ellis Brigham

About us

We are Bex Band and Gil Drori! We met 7 years ago, have been married for 3 and call London, England our home. We used to be very unadventurous but all that changed in 2016 when we decided to hike the length of Israel, a 1000km journey on a bit of a whim!! Since then we have created a new life working for ourselves online which means we can work from anywhere. Kicking the States is the biggest thing we have ever done and we feel really passionately about using this adventure to help the children that we met in Tanzania as we feel so lucky to have the life we have! Here’s a bit more about us:

Bex….I used to work as a high school teacher but now run an online community called Love Her Wild which is all about inspiring more women to get outdoors adventuring. When not running Love Her Wild, I can be found addictive LT blogging on my website – the Ordinary Adventurer.

Gil….I’m originally from Israel but I moved to the UK when I met Bex. I left my job in IT and now work building websites and also write a travel blog (in Hebrew) – Where is Gil. I love practising the martial art Aikido and recently spent 3 months in Iapan practising!

Vivo Life

This expedition is being supported by Vivo Life who make pant-based health shakes. Thank you Vivo for all your support in making this expedition happen!